As this is the first post, I want to use it to illustrate my motivation behind starting this blog. Unlike most other posts that will follow, this one is personal. I have been learning and doing web development for two years now, resulting in switching my field of study from maths to computer science (undergraduate) and working on a WordPress agency called WebKinder. I have developed a passion and will continue to pursue it. This blog will be my journal, where I document things that helped, excited or puzzled me along the way. For the most part, posts will be technical write-ups of things I built or studied and my level of expertise on the topics might vary. But enough meta talk about the blog, let’s kick it off with the story of my first website.

In January two years ago I wrote my first lines of html. Within a few months I wrote and published a website for a local sports club. It was not based on any content management system and the only external libraries it used were the Google Maps API and jQuery. It had no CSS framework and no CSS pre-complier, just plain old hand coding. Of course there was no proper backup let alone version control. The live-going of this website was the first time I had ever used or seen FTP and because I did not know what I was doing I also completely deleted the old website by accident.

Not a pretty story, but it got me started. Later, I got into WordPress development and recently grew a big interest in the JavaScript ecosystem. I still have a long way to go, but from now on with a medium to track my steps!