OUTDATED: This post was written in WordPress before the Gutenberg Editor was included in it. The embedded Tweet no longer works because this site does not use WordPress anymore.

This post is a response to the following tweet:


I am using version 0.2.0 of the plugin and will simply list some things I noticed using it for the first time.

  • I used the Twitter embed block to include the tweet above by its URL. After I clicked the plus for a new block and could not spot the Twitter embed block immediately, I tried to start typing "Twitter" and hoped it would perform a search and jump to the scroll offset. It does not, currently you have to click into the search input before you can start typing keywords.
  • I tried to use the preview feature to see what the output looks like, but it seems like I have to save changes before they become available to the preview mode. This is different from the current editors behavior where I can use save draft and preview independent of each other.
  • When I switch between in italic and bold it sometimes happens that a backspace is ignored. After a bit of fiddling around I figured out how to reproduce it and filed and issue on GitHub.