Over the last year or so I started and maintained a list of articles, videos, talks, tutorials and podcasts that I would like to read, watch and listen. I am constantly learning new things and adding new items to the list. But there is a lot of information on programming out there and it can get overwhelming. That is why I tried to decide on a few highlights I discovered this month. .hese are the pieces that I found most interesting, valuable, entertaining or original.

Article: Pure UI

Post on rauchg.com

A description of how user interfaces can be built leveraging a functional, declarative approach. Reading the article feels very much like reading about React but it is really about the fundamental idea of pure view render functions.

Conference Talk: Maintaining an OSS Project (Babel)

Video on YouTube

A 15-minute talk by Henry Zhu about working on Open Source and maintaining a popular project. Very interesting and inspiring for people who want to get into Open Source and get a glimpse on the maintainer side of things.

Video: The hidden costs of templating languages

Video on YouTube

A thorough discussion of pros and cons of introducing a templating language to your development stack by funfunfunction. Examples are all JavaScript, but the arguments are applicable to other environments as well.

Article: “A implies B” does not imply “B implies A”

Post on official React blog

An example from React of how we need to be aware of this fundamental fact of logic in different contexts before drawing wrong conclusions.

Article: Introduction to parsers

Post on Medium

A step by step introduction to how parser combinators work and how one could implement them in JavaScript, written in an entertaining and very approachable way.

Discussion: Why is addition as fast as bitwise operations in modern processors?

Question on Stackoverflow

Discussion of a basic question about modern processors leading into a lot of the relevant concepts like clocking, pipelining and critical path.

Article: JavaScript framework debate for WordPress core

Post on WP Tavern

Summary of the current state of the discussion on what JavaScript front-end framework should be used in the future of WordPress core, highlighting some of the key arguments on React and Vue.